Top Tier Lacrosse
Camps, Lessons and Clinics

We strive to provide top quality camps and clinics.  We achieve this due to the following:

  • Focus on fundamental skills over just having fun
  • Work with top quality coaches and players in the area and country
  • Utilize proven coaching skills with over 30 years of history producing top players- we do not guess at what works
  • Get to know each player individually and coach them the way that works best for them
  • Not being statisfied with the result but how the result was achieved
  • Putting in repeatable processes that each player can use on their own
  • Create a positive learning enviornment that allows each player to develop at their own pace
  • Being passionate about each player.  We treat every player as if they were our own child
  • Understanding that we are role models for those we coach and embrace that role 
  • Take time to teach life lessons along with lacrosse lessons
  • We love the game and what it provided us, share that love with each player 

If you believe these core values are what you are looking for, then register for one of our camps, clinics, individual or group lessons and see how we live these values in all we do!

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