Patrick Hennigan

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the privilege of playing for Steve Schattner and the Top Tier organization for three years during my high school years.  From the first day I showed up to practice, I knew something was different. The enthusiasm Coach Schattner brings to every practice is like nothing I have ever experienced. Whenever Coach was on the field, my teammates and I were excited and motivated.  There was a positive energy at every single practice and game.  

Another great thing about Coach Schattner is his experience in the lacrosse world.  Working with an NCAA champion day in and day out is a powerful thing.  All of the players, myself included, would listen to every word Coach Schattner said.   He knows every aspect of the game of lacrosse flawlessly.  There was never a time where a question was asked, and Coach Schattner could not provide an answer.

In addition to being a great coach, Coach Schattner is very organized.  He is never late to practice and his organizational skills rubbed off onto the team.  As a team, everyone was always at practice, on time, ready to go because Coach Schattner asked us to be.  One reason our team won so much was because we were more organized than every single team we played.  We rarely made the dumb mistakes that haunt teams, because of the organization we had.  

Another reason why Coach Schattner is such a phenomenal coach is his ability to teach life lessons as well as lacrosse skills.  A Top Tier team will demonstrate great sportsmanship, great teamwork, and be a respectful team, because that’s the kind of guy Coach Schattner is.  

One of the most important things I learned from Coach was to have fun.  If I was playing poorly and was down on myself, Coach would tell me that it’s only a game and to have fun.  Sometime the players forget about having fun, and Coach always made sure we had a good time.

With Coach Schattner at the helm, our Cannon School team went further in the state playoffs than ever before, into the state semi-finals. Through his guidance, I became an all-state player while leading the state in scoring. That would not have happened without Coach Schattner. Any kid that gets the opportunity to be led by coach will have his life enriched.
Patrick J. Hennigan
Southern Methodist University Class of 2014