Josh Davidson

To whom it may concern,

In the seven years I have been playing lacrosse, I have encountered dozens of coaches. None of these coaches has had the impact upon my playing career like Coach Steve Schattner. There are very few individuals within the lacrosse community whom I respect as much as Coach Schattner. Without Coach Schattner’s personal tutelage and efforts, I would not have had the opportunity to play collegiatelacrosse at Mercer University that I have today.

I first had the opportunity to play on Coach Schattner’s Top Tier elite team my sophomore year of high school. Not long after joining his team, and working with Coach Schattner, I began to see exponential changes in my ability. Coach Schattner gave me personal, individual help whenever I desired it or required it. His overall knowledge of the game of lacrosse is exceptional, and he readily shared any information he could with me so that I may reach my full potential as a lacrosse player.  I have never witnessed Coach Schattner refuse an opportunity to make myself, or someone else, a better lacrosse player. Along with much teaching and coaching, Coach Schattner also gave me an extraordinary opportunity to excel. By allowing me to play against some of the best competition nationwide (through his Top Tier and Road Warrior Programs), as well as nominating me for numerous showcases, and reaching out to college coaches on my behalf, Coach Schattner did everything within his power to allow me to excel and be recruited.

Even after my eventual move across the country, I was so impressed by Coach Schattner’s competitive nature, professionalism, calm demeanor, and readiness to coach that I refused to play for any other travel team. I deliberately flew across the country and spent the summer of my junior year away from home with the sole purpose of playing for, and learning from Coach Schattner. This decision paid off immediately, and I not only continued to grow as a player, but I also began to get recruited. All of this was due to Coach Schattner’s personal efforts. I am privileged to have played under such a gifted mentor and coach.

I can honestly say that Coach Schattner is responsible for my opportunity to play collegiate lacrosse.
Josh Davidson
Mercer University, Class of 2015