Brendan McWilliams

To Whomever This May Concern,

My name is Brendan McWilliams and I am a recent graduate of the Top Tier Program. Currently I am a freshman at Salisbury University in Maryland and I play lacrosse there. One of the main reasons I am playing lacrosse at such a good school is because of Top Tier. I have been a part of the Top Tier program since my sophomore year of high school. I have been both a player and a coach. I was a player for the high school travel team for three years and was an assistant coach this past summer. Steve Schattner, who is the President of Top Tier, was my coach for all of those years. I have had lots of experiences with the Top Tier program and have enjoyed every moment of it.

Top Tier has been around for a couple of years and has already made a huge impact on lacrosse in Charlotte and on the East Coast. Some of the freshman on the lacrosse team with me at Salisbury has heard of Top Tier and has told me how good of a team Top Tier is. They were one of the first programs in North Charlotte and since many programs have been created. When Top Tier first started, they were not very good but in a few short years they have become a great team. Top Tier is committed to making lacrosse the best it can be in North Charlotte

Also when I say it is a program, I really mean it is a program. Kids of all ages are treated the same, from middle school kids to high school juniors and seniors. Even though Coach Schattner is mainly a high school coach he works with the younger kids. The coaches don’t only focus on the high school team because those are the best kids and that is where a program gets its recognition. The coaches know that in order for Charlotte to become known for lacrosse throughout the country it has to start with the youngest kids and work itself up. They are devoted to making Charlotte be known for its lacrosse.

I have many friends who I have made because of Top Tier. All of those friends only have good things to say about it. I think the number one reason for that is because of the coaches. The coaches are very important. Top Tier and the coaches know how to coach lacrosse at all levels. Coach Schattner and the other coaches are very smart coaches and know how to win. He is the bestcoach that I have ever had. They have very good leadership skills and know how to get the best out of the players. Coach Schattner especially does a very good job at leading the entire program. He keeps good discipline and demands a lot out of his players and assistant coaches in order to succeed. Through this they are able to teach all the players what they know about lacrosse to make the players better. The coaches are also dedicated to their players and always treat them with respect. The coaches will never say anything or make the players do something that is not right. Some coaches of other programs will tell their players to be dirty or cheat in order to win. I believe that Top Tier is a great program because they do what is right. They will always bring out the best of their players on and off the field. On the field, practice is intense, but it is always fun. They know how to make us better lacrosse players while still having fun. That for me is very important. Having fun is the overall goal.

One thing about Top Tier and the coaches is that they don’t only teach the players about lacrosse. They also teach the players lessons for life and the real world after they have left the program and are no longer playing lacrosse. One thing that Coach Schattner always talks about is being the best you can be on and off the field. He says that you need to be your best in the workplace in order to keep a job. Coach Schattner also always makes us show up to games on time. We also always walk in two lines with all our pads on. All of this teaches discipline which is very important. He holds the players accountable for all of their actions because he knows that is how it will be in college and in the workplace. Another thing that he has taught my teammates and I at the time is the 10/90 rule. This is where ten percent of your life is out of your control and the other ninety percent is how you react to it. I took this rule to heart and still believe it to this day. There are many other things that the coaches teach the players. Almost everything we learn from the coaches can be applied to something outside of lacrosse.

Once the players have gone through the program, and they reach the high school teams, the coaches will help the players get recruited who they think can play in college. A bunch of my friends are going through this now and they all say that Top Tier is very helpful. The coaches will recommend schools for the player and will call and contact college coaches for the player. This was very helpful for me to get recruited. Coach Schattner called multiple college coaches for me and he has done the same for other players. He does whatever it takes to help players play in college. One thing he wont do is lie to the coaches. He tells them exactly what is true about a player. He doesn’t embellish the player or make him sound better he really is. He wants to keep a good reputation for the program so all the other players will have the opportunity to be recruited.

The program know how to take a lacrosse program and grow it into something more. You will not be disappointed with Top Tier.  They will be able to teach the kids how to play lacrosse and many skills for life. If you pick Top Tier, the kids will always remember these experiences they had.

Brendan McWilliams