Ben James

To whom it may concern,

Coach Steve Schattner has given me opportunities that I had only imagined when I was younger. With coach Schattner I have learned the great sport of lacrosse, and I can honestly say that without Coach Schattner I would not be the young man that I am today. Coach Schattner has the ability to teach his players how to play to be great on the field of play and more importantly how to carry themselves off the field as young men, the respect that he gets from his players and from other teams around the area shows that. He is someone that I not only see as a coach but also a mentor if I ever had a personal problem, I had no problem going to talk to coach Schattner. He never hesitated to give me the best adv ice that he could and never pressured me to make the decision, he offered just to listen to what he had to say and take it how I would.

Being a part of Coach Schattner’s travel lacrosse team has given me travel opportunities that I have enjoyed beyond words. The road warrior team has traveled all over the east coast from New York to Georgia and even further to Florida for some of the best lacrosse tournaments on the East Coast. The fact that the team qualified for the tournament speaks to Coach Schattners’ ability to coach us as players. The tournaments were always time consuming while we were in our various locations but Coach Schattner almost always found time for team bonding and always found a way to make us laugh and come together as a team. The camaraderie that we shared as a team always included coach Schattner and any jokes we had, coach always understood and he enjoyed laughing with us. Through all of the good times and the joke Coach Schattner was able to distinguish work from play and would put us back into line if we began to joke when it was time to do business. His abilities as a coach is unmatched by any I know and his complete dedication to what he is working on is unbelievable.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.

Benjmain C. James