The McIntosh Law Firm

I have known Steve and his lacrosse programs for over 4 years now.  In that time, I have gone from knowing absolutely nothing about lacrosse, other than it was a Native American game that Southerners did not play, to being actively involved in the game locally and working with my son who may play lacrosse in college next year.  That change is the direct result of the involvement of Steve Schattner and T2.
Steve's credentials are unquestioned.  His play at UNC is a matter of record and his National Championship speaks volumes in and of itself.  He is a local businessman, devoted husband and father, high school team coach for one of the most well respected institutions in our area and a generally nice and genuine guy who cares deeply about his players.  I have done much work in the "travel sports" world in the last 5 years and I can tell you from experience that Steve can produce the results that any athlete who wants to play college lacrosse desires and demands.
I have seen T2 go from a great idea to one of the premier programs in the nation.  Steve, through his contacts and experience, took a select T2 team to West Genesee, New York for a tournament where only 20 teams nationwide were invited.  The key word is "invited".  This tournament was a "by invitation only" experience; it was not a "pay to play" event.  Why was it an important tournament?  Usually you have 50-100 teams of any sport, including lacrosse, at a "showcase" tournament where college coaches come and there will be 15-25 regional coaches there looking at selected players.  At the 20 team "invitational", there were 86 college coaches from around the nation looking at those 20 teams.  My son actually was contacted by one of those coaches ... the only such contact he has received.  Steve can produce those results.  This year was his second year there.  T2 was one of only 2 or 3 teams from the south invited.
To be direct about my level of support; I very much like to see The McIntosh Law Firm associated with Steve and his programs.  I will sponsor any event he brings to the table.  I only sponsor those programs in which I believe; Steve has my faith and confidence.  T2 is the only program in which I have that level of faith and confidence.  He is by far and away the only program that can bring that level of experience and success. 

Bob McIntosh