Rich Davidson

To whom it may concern,

My first opportunity to meeting Steve Schattner occurred when my son, a rising ninth grader, tried out for a travel team in South Charlotte. Never thinking that he would make the team we agreed to let him try out. Since there were not a great number of boys trying out Coach Schattner and Coach Fritz let them be on the team. From watching every practice and how Coach Schattner conducted himself and how he treated the boys I knew he was a lacrosse coach. The kind of coach that if he was driving by a field of kids playing lacrosse the wrong way he would stop his car and show them how to do it correctly.
My next opportunity to interact with Coach Shatter was when he agreed to start the lacrosse program at Lake Norman Charter School. My son, not a student at Lake Norman Charter, had a choice to make and he chose to play for Coach Schattner. I was truly amazed at how Coach Schattner took ten to twelve experienced boys and about twelve boys who have never play the game and molded them into a competitive team. His ability to teach the fundamental skills as well as the advance concepts of the game is one of his greatest assets. I have been searching here in the North Dallas area for a coach like Steve for both of my sons and have not yet found anybody.

We then joined Steve as he launched the Top Tier program. The growth and depth of learning and the experiences that my son received, I do not believe he could have achieved in any other program. Using his vast array of contacts within the lacrosse community Steve was able to bring a great experience to these young men. One of the strengths that I see in Steve, is his ability to assess a boy’s strengths and weaknesses and honestly communicate them to the boy and the parents. Sometimes as parents we may not hear what we want to hear, but the way that Steve presents it is that it is up to the player to take the challenge and work harder on his game. No false illusions of the “full ride” scholarship, just realistic expectations, whether they are at the division one level or a lower level.

In conclusion, I have to say that I would put my children in any lacrosse organization that Steve Schattner is a part of. His business strengths, his organizational ability, and his knowledge of and passion for the game would be the main factors in that decision. He chooses to “Honor the Game” above all else.

I am now coaching youth lacrosse and can only hope that I have the same effect on the boys that I am coaching as Steve had on my son and for that matter myself.

Rich Davidson