Linda James


I have worked with Steve Schattner with Top Tier as a team parent for many years. Being so close to the program, I am privy to number of the inner workings. What I can tell you about Steve is that he is always trying to build a better program for the players. Each year, he takes the parents and players suggestion into consideration when planning the next season’s program. Steve has even sponsored tournaments that he let the players design the format and construct the teams.

Steve is interested in building a program for the community that will make Lacrosse accessible to all players. His Top Tier program offers scholarships to players that cannot afford the travel fees. He also works with parents to organize carpools and lodging for the players to travel events. As players go through the program, Steve works with the players and parents to find scholarship opportunities at the college level.

Steve also makes a number of additional programs available to the players. For example, he worked with his neighbor who is a chiropractor to develop a program to improve the players shot motion. The Shot DR. program was developed to study the motion of the swing and improve the players accuracy.

He also has clinics each year that features the UNC players and coach. This makes the Big college players available to the young kids and often provides an autograph opportunity of a life time. It brings such joy to the younger kids to meet their Lacrosse Hero.

If you are looking for a coach that truly bonds with the players and is always looking for a way to provide an opportunity for kids to play Lacrosse at all levels, I would highly recommend Steve.

If you would like to contact me for further information, please feel free to contact me
Linda James Hopewell HS Team Parent
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