Chris and Michelle Rhyne

To Whom it may concern:

This letter is being written for the purpose of helping to show that Steve Schattner is the Professional, Coach, and man that you are looking for to help with your organization.

Our two boys have been playing lacrosse for eight years. The boys love everything about the sport of lacrosse, but it was not until they met Coach Schattner four years ago that they truly understood the game. Coach Schattner’s knowledge of lacrosse exceeds all the other organizations that our boys have played for. Since Top Tier has started we really see the difference it makes in having knowledgeable Coaches that have played lacrosse through- out High school, and College years, which is exactly what Steve Schattner brings to the table as well as his carefully selected coaching staff. We also took in to consideration this very important fact, Steve Schattner does not have children of his own that play for his organization. This further shows his love of the sport, as well as the athlete’s he coaches. Our children are growing into productive, and respectful young men under Coach Schattner, because he also shows them that there is a whole lot more to the game than the physical aspect of it, and this means a whole lot to us.

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the nation. Steve is always staying a step ahead of the rest to introduce other ways to improve our children’s lacrosse skills. Such as, he has secured a facility for a winter indoor league that is extremely popular among the lacrosse player’s in our area. Steve has started a travel team called The Road Warriors that are fierce competitors consisting of top players from North Carolina, Up-State New York, and the Indian Reservation that compete in the fall. This is all possible because of Steve’s relationships he has made since he was a young lacrosse player himself, and has maintained good professional relationships with others which, gives him access to taking his Top Tier team to Up-State areas to play in tournaments, and play at their level. Steve also has started a Tar Heel lacrosse camp in the summer, in which top lacrosse players from Carolina, and the assistant coach come to Cornelius, this also has been a huge success.

Steve just has a glimpse in to the future of lacrosse he just seems to know what the athlete’s need to stay on top of their game, and to become successful. We feel very blessed to have Steve Schattner coach our boy’s.
Thank You,
Chris and Michelle Rhyne