Alex Bobyarchick

Over the past three years my son has had the wonderful opportunity to play in the top tier lacrosse program and be coached by Steve Schattner. Without question the total experience for him and for us as his parents was absolutely fantastic. There are numerous reasons for our strong support of the program and for Steve personally.

As we look back on our sons high school sports experience there are some real highlights but nothing was more beneficial to him than the learning and growing experience from the way Steve coached him and the other players. There are a lot of summer elite programs in this area and we researched each and every one and found out very quickly some are there to make money for the coaches, others are there to claim they get every player recruited to college and then there was top tier who focused on developing the player into a young man with teaching respect, discipline, and teamwork as well as
focusing on a players potential to play at the next level. This was a true mix of all the attributes we were looking for in particular for our son.

Our first priority for our son was to play very competitive lacrosse in national tournaments yet at the same time learning the life lessons which would continue to develop him so he could enter his next step of entering college and pursuing a career in engineering. Steve provided just that. Steve was caring, strict, and fair and most importantly treated all players the same no matter if they won or lost. He was always there for support when it was required and was extremely responsive to all questions. His priorities were in line with discipline coming first along with character followed by learning and teamwork with winning and losing be last. His ability to lead by example was evident in everything he did. 

When I compare my son’s high school program (which they were #1 in the state last year) and our summer Lacrosse experience there is absolutely no comparison. You would think that a team who went 15 – 1 in the regular season would be so excited that this would be the only team they would be excited about which unfortunately this was not the case. As for my son when he speaks of Lacrosse and how much he learned and how much fun he had it is always the Top Tier experience and team. I should also note that Steve coached nine of the ten starters for the number one team on our high school program in which all of them were named all Conference Players for two years straight which is the absolute single reason they became number one in the state. There is no question that if you ask any of the Lake Norman players who have been developed by Steve they will tell you that he has taken their game to another level and more importantly he has taught them the proper way to play the game and how to prepare and act as young man on and off the field.

Our son Alex has now completed the Top Tier program and has been accepted to a top Engineering program with the University Of North Carolina educational Program. During his interview process he specifically detailed the key attributes of what Steve and his program taught him during his time playing. His specific message was it taught him the discipline required to complete anything he does, it taught him how to work with a team and show respect for all his teammates, and most importantly how commitment to excellence is the key to integrity. I also have to mention that during the entire interview he mentioned only two coaches even though he played multiple sports, one being Steve and the other being his football coach. To me this is the highest recommendation any player can give a coach or mentor.

In conclusion it is with the strongest conviction that I recommend Steve and the top tier program to any player who wants to learn the true meaning of teamwork, discipline, fair play, and consistent respect. I also strongly recommend Steve’s program to all parents who want honest helpful feedback about their player. To many programs in this area are coached by people who never played lacrosse and focus on winning low level tournaments which they feel is success which is absolutely the wrong model for young players. Steve’s success is very evident with his national success with players and his ability to help each and every high school player in this area when they return for their high school season. As stated earlier every single all Conf players since the beginning of his program has come from top tier which is a spectacular accomplishment.

I strongly recommend Steve and the Top Tier program to any person and parents who want the great experience of playing club lacrosse with the best coaches in North Carolina.
Alex A Bobyarchick