National Scouting Report

No matter how long you have been around high school athletics, no matter what sports you have watched, and no matter whether it was male or female, we have ALL seen GREAT high school athletes that dreamed of playing in college but were not afforded that opportunity.  We have all known of great high school/club athletes that "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda”, but didn't progress to the next level.  

Due to a frustration caused by such athletes not getting to play in college, 35 years ago, National Scouting Report was founded.  After these 35 years, NSR has helped thousands of student athletes reach and fulfill their dreams.   National Scouting Report, founded by Bob Rigney, has been the original model of promoting student athletes to college.   The innovative ways Mr. Rigney used to initially attract colleges to his oldest son, playing high school football, have been further developed and maximized through the years.   Today, NSR is the oldest and largest "On the Ground Scouting Organization" in the world.   With scouts all over the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Australia, Dubai, and even working with athletes in South America and Asia, NSR is truly worldwide.  Currently, NSR is working in all NCAA sanctioned sports.   We help athletes with Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and Junior College athletic pursuits.  Before agreeing to work with one of these athletes, our scouts must be convinced of the athlete’s abilities to play in college - whatever the level.   In addition to athletic ability, our scouts are verifying academic preparedness, work ethic, attitude, coachability, physical tangibles and family support.  

When high school athletes have all the athletic skill, but still struggle with getting on the recruiting board, NSR fixes that problem.  Often, good athletes are not recognized as potential scholarship players because, simply put, the coaches do NOT know about them.  Lack of exposure to the right college coaches can happen for a host of reasons.  If an athlete is playing at a small high school or a high school/club team not recognized as excelling in their chosen sport, the athlete can easily get overlooked.  If an athlete lives in an area that is not easily accessible by college coaches - that will definitely limit their exposure as well.  If an athlete, for the sake of the team, has to play in a position that he or she would not play at the collegiate level, the athlete will almost definitely be missed, unless they have an advocate working for them. NSR also excels with the student-athlete that is getting attention from coaches by maximizing his or hers exposure to make sure more than just regional coaches are aware of the student-athletes abilities. Outside of these previous circumstances, we must also remember that the college coaches are greatly limited by the NCAA rules and guidelines.  If their time constraints were not enough, many are also struggling with very small recruiting budgets.  The male minor sports and virtually all of the female sports are trying desperately to find the best athletes with very limited resources.  They have the scholarship dollars, but often not the recruiting budget, to find the kids outside of their immediate area.  With the exception of your major men’s programs college lacrosse programs have very little money to travel to scout prospects. The National Scouting Report solution solves all of these issues.  We help colleges at all levels know about the kids that can play for them in conjunction with the high school or travel team coaches.  We are the ADVOCATE for the student athlete.  When the college coach is not allowed to talk to the athlete because of age or designated quiet periods, NSR is your advocate.  When a collegiate coach wants to know the strengths and upside of an athlete, NSR is your advocate.  When the college coach needs an unbiased scouting report, NSR is your advocate.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, that is the regret of many a great high school athlete!  You only have one opportunity to get recruited.  Recruiting should NOT be left to chance.

National Scouting Report Services

NSR On-Line Recruiting Profile

               -The prospects personal profile and other scouting information will be maintained on the NSR website. Every college coach and admissions officer in America has free access to the NSR files, at all times.  The prospect’s recruiting profile will contain personal and academic information, athletic evaluations and statistics, newspaper articles, awards, competition or game reports, family information, photos, video and a personal message. At any time, the prospect may make updates through their Personal Portal.

Four Page Color Brochure

               -Contains same information as webpage plus personal contact information. Brochure also includes a QR code for coaches to scan for quick access to prospects video.  Sent to 100 schools of choice annually.

Regional Selection Mailings

-Twice each year -Based on personal criteria furnished by the prospect, NSR will search out all colleges meeting the prospects qualifacations and goals.  Area of the country, size of the school, level of athletic competition and other factors may be used to determine the colleges to be searched.  NSR will send the prospects complete data file including video to the matching coaches.

Unlimited Evaluation Video Editing

               -Using footage from videos furnished by the prospect, NSR will edit and produce a top-quality master evaluation video demonstrating the prospect’s abilities.  The video may include a personal message, interviews with coaches, skills demonstrations and conditioning workouts.

Video Promotion

               -Once during the prospect’s high school career, NSR will contact 100 colleges of the prospect’s choice stating the prospect’s particular interest in the college and include a promotional letter on the prospect and a direct link to the prospect’s video.  By request from a college coach, NSR will send the prospect’s on DVD.

DVD/Brochure Mailing

               -One time during prospects HS/Club career NSR will send updated brochure and highlight DVD to up to 20 schools of choice.

College Coach Request

               -Due to NSR’s reputation in working with ONLY qualified prospects college coaches reach out to us multiple times per year seeking information on NSR prospects that fit the programs given criteria for a given recruiting class. When a prospect fits those criteria their resume/video link is automatically forwarded to the coach/school that sent the request. 

Personal Recruiting Email Address

               -The prospect will have a recruiting email address to be used exclusively by college coaches and the prospect for recruiting purposes. Coaches may use this address to contact the prospect directly.  The prospect can also use this address to communicate directly with college coaches.

Recruiting Organizer

               -NSR will provide the prospect with a Recruiting Organizer to assist in keeping track of contacts, communications and visits with college coaches.  Any NSR athlete meeting the requirements of a college coach request will be auto populated into the prospects Recruiting Organizer.

College Camp/Showcase Recommendation

               -If the prospect plans to attend any sport camp sanctioned by the NCAA, NSR will notify the camp director about the prospect’s credentials and ability.  Prior to the start of the camp, NSR will send the director a letter of recommendation and enclose a copy of the prospect’s personal video on NSR’s high-speed server.  The purpose of this is to ensure the prospect gets special attention at the camp.

Other Services Provided

               -Social Media Promotions, Scholarship Search, College Application and Financial Aid Assistance, Monthly Newsletter, Junior College Extended Service.