Lacrosse Performance Institute

"Accelerating your rate of improvement"


  • Apply the team approach used by the worlds best players to develop elite level players and expand the game of lacrosse
  • Use technology to improve the individual athlete faster by making them more efficient biomechanically


  • Use K-vest technology to identify biomechanical faults that rob the player of power and shot speed.
  • Use movement screen to identify and correct physical limitations preventing the player from reaching their potential.

Team approach

  • Instruction
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Equipment
  • Technology

Program Design

  • Change the way lacrosse shooting is taught and practiced
  • Instruction
  • Coach, Video, K-Vest
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Physical screen, fitness program planning
  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Individual training plans designed to correct faults

Who is Dr. Broda

  • Chiropractor with private practice in Cornelius
  • Have been working in the field of sports performance training and biomechanics for 12+ years
  • One the first to be certified by Titleist Performance Institute as well as the first in North Carolina to use 3D biomechanics assessments to improve athletic performance

What is K-Vest

  • A system of 3 inertial sensors attached to the body that measures in 3 degrees of freedom bend, side bend, and rotation
  • Used to measure efficiency objectively so that new movement patterns can be engrained faster and more effectively
  • Until now shooting was taught by simply watching how a player shot and giving verbal instruction
  • The human eye can only see at about 15 frames/second, regular video can only capture at 30 frames/second.
  • K-vest allows us to “see” at 120 frames/second. This allows the coach or instructor to record an analyze what is actually happening in a movement and not guess at what they are seeing
  • Cuts down on trial and error and can validate that technique change actually improved shooting mechanics
  • Think of K-vest as the MRI of biomechanics

What causes poor shooting mechanics

  • Poor shooting technique- lack of knowledge on how to shoot
  • Poor equipment
  • Poor lacrosse specific conditioning

What does the program consist of?

  • Initial physical screen and K-vest testing
  • Report of findings- go over strengths and weaknesses found on K-vest screens and physical fitness screens. Begin drills and exercise to improve shooting mechanics using. K-vest and K- trainer to provide biofeedback training
  • K-trainer and exercises continue
  • Re-evaluate and assess progress

 How much does the program cost?

  • First offering of this type of program anywhere in the state
  • You will be given a discount for being the first to go through the program, in other words it will never be this cheap again.
  • Total Cost of program is $300 for three sessions or $500 for six sessions. 
  • Appointments will be scheduled in office and each appointment will last about 45 minutes
  • Will receive a summary of the program that details findings and results

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