Lessons & Clinics


About the T²Lacrosse Lessons and Clinics:

As an ongoing process, T² will be providing individual and group lessons and clinics throughout the region.   These lessons/clinics will focus on the fundamental skills required to suceed at a high level.   Whether you are new to the sport or have been playing for many years, we will tailor the best coaching for each player's individual needs. 

Where: We will meet players at fields/facilities throughout the region.

When:  We have weekday and weekend classes

Cost:  $75/hour for individual session and  $30/hr for group lesson.  A group consists of 4 or more players.   

Packages:  In an effort to reduce your cost we have packages available for purchase for both the individual and group lessons.    The package rate is lower than the individual session rates.

  •  12 Pack of Individual Lessons - $600
  •  4   Pack of Individual Lessons - $240
  •  12 Pack of Group Lessons - $240
  •  4   Pack of Group Lessons - $100