About Us

Top Tier (T²) Lacrosse goals are to develop, promote, and grow the sport of Lacrosse, at the highest level. This will be accomplished through appropriately focused lacrosse programs.   We will concentrate on staying true to the core values of the sport by placing focus on each participants fundamental skills, game awareness and sportsmanship.  We understand what it takes to succeed at the highest levels in lacrosse, but also in business, life and family.  These values will always be evident in all of our activities.  

Finally, we want all players, parents, volunteers, coaches and sponsors, during and after their T² Lacrosse experience, to believe we have made an impact on them individually, lacrosse in the area as a whole and most importantly, provided everyone well run, organized and positive programs. 

Steve Schattner
Top Tier Lacrosse, LLC

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